Wedding Wednesday: Green & Purple Palette

While One World Theatre sees almost every color under the sun for events at our venue, one of our favorite combinations are purple and green.  With our lush landscaping surrounding the entire property, punctuated by colorful stained concrete and stone walls, these hues blend perfectly with their surroundings, yet stand out on their own.  From bridal bouquets and mismatched bridesmaid gowns, to cakes with succulents and everything in between, we hope this provides a little inspiration for all those in betrothed bliss and beyond…

Picture Sources, Clockwise:

Table Decor: Style Me Pretty  ::  Purple Shoes: Green Wedding Shoes  ::  Succulent Display: Style Me Pretty  ::  Green & Purple Tabletop Flowers: Style Me Pretty  ::  Hanging Ceremony Florals: Style Me Pretty  ::  Bride & Groom: Style Me Pretty  ::  Succulent Bouquet: Style Me Pretty  :: Green Glass Tabletop Decor: Style Me Pretty  ::  Violet Cupcakes: Style Me Pretty  ::  Cake: Style Me Pretty  ::  Mismatched Purple Bridesmaids: Style Me Pretty  ::


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