A Little Imbibement…

Living in Austin, Texas, I think we all know how important a little refreshment can be, especially in the brutally hot months where an egg can fry faster on a sidewalk that it can on the stove! When it comes to weddings, this is even more vital to ensure that guests remain happy.  But how about stepping out of the “libation box” and thinking beyond just water, tea and a full bar? These days, brides, grooms and planners are concocting wildly inventive and decorative drinks that are both pleasing to the eye and the taste buds.

For the illegals and those not wanting any alcohol, lemonade is becoming more dressed up than ever- infused with herbs and spices, swimming with slices of fruit and even combined with flavored ice cubes, this isn’t your momma’s citrus powdered drink!  How about some lavender, strawberry-basil or blackberry lemonade?

Many are looking for a twist on old favorites; there are endless recipes out there that add a little kick to any tired drink, and may even be a conversation piece at your next event…try the Mexican Sangria or Cider Rum Punch.

One of the biggest trends we are seeing out there today is the bride and groom specialty cocktails. This is a great way to not only present a distinctive cocktail, but to also infuse more of your personality into the event.

For any wedding, social event or corporate party, spending a little more time creating the drink menu can add a lot.  Guests will be intrigued by the unique concoctions, and it will overall lend itself to a more beautiful and cohesive theme.  What will you be drinking at your next celebration?


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