A Twist On the Centerpiece

Centerpieces are truly an item that can make or break the visual drama of a wedding or other grand event.  It’s the artful addition that takes any table from plain to glam, magical or even dreamy.  It heightens any party, and also is a great way for the bride and groom or hosts to inject their personality into any soiree.

That being said, we decided to feature the more unusual and unexpected, and we didn’t need to look any further than our favorite indie wedding website, Green Wedding Shoes.  Flowers are always gorgeous and classic, but why not infuse a bit of a Southern feel (we are in Texas after all!) by incorporating animal skulls, bones and succulent natives.  For those looking for a more rustic/vintage feel to their wedding, fabric flowers, colored glass bottles and even a little moss or greenery can banish any cliches.  And for the modern bride, incorporating bright colors, unusual elements like glass boxes or even origami will add a pop to every table and have guests talking even after the event is over.

While it’s great to stick with the classics, it’s also fun to shake things up a bit- use your imagination and you never know what you might come up with!

Green Wedding Shoes Sources:  Centerpiece 1  ::  Centerpiece 2  ::  Centerpiece 3  :: Centerpiece 4  ::  Centerpiece 5  ::  Centerpiece 6  ::


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