Hannah + Jed’s Wedding

Let’s just say these two had a vision from the start.  Combining a love for Tom’s, colorful succulents and a goofy photo booth, Hannah and Jed created a wedding event where people just wanted to have fun!  With stunning pictures from the ever-talented Jake Holt, we are happy to share the love and laughter of this joyous occasion.

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Wedding Wednesdays: Emerald and Evergreen

Who can ever think about this time of year without being transported to a place where a cozy fire crackles and snaps, the scent of fresh pine permeates the air and the soft amber glow of homeade beeswax candles quietly illuminates the faces of loved ones.  We had this thought in mind exactly when thinking of our latest wedding inspiration. where evergreen and emerald rule around the holidays.  There is something so fresh and alluring about these deep green hues- it can be a very refreshing and unexpected look for a wedding, but it also has a calming effect that colors like pink or yellow just can’t emulate.  Seen in everything from macarons and mint-laced drinks, to tablescapes, florals and even furniture, this color scheme also lends itself beautifully with warm whites and neutrals, and looks smashing when combined with gold and silver.  Just think about this look for yourself, and you’ll have them all green with envy!



Evergreen Wreath: Style Me Pretty  ::  Green Striped Chairs: Style Me Pretty  ::  Florals + Pinecones: Style Me Pretty  ::  Emerald Ombre Cake: Green Wedding Shoes  ::  Evergreen Ceremony Chairs:  Style Me Pretty  ::  Evergreen Tablescape: Green Wedding Shoes  ::  Bridesmaid: Style Me Pretty  ::  Emerald Macarons: Style Me Pretty  ::  Cocktails: Design Sponge  ::  She + Him: Green Wedding Shoes  ::  Table Setting: Green Wedding Shoes  ::  Succulents Cake: Style Me Pretty  ::

Wedding Wednesdays: All That Sparkles…

It’s getting to be that time of year when the party rsvp’s start filling up, bottles of bubbly are popped and everything seems to sparkle.  When the month of December comes around, it’s time to celebrate!  And not only holiday fetes, but weddings at well; here at One World Theatre Private Events we have seen more than our fair share of winter weddings, particularly around New Year’s Eve.  While wintertime matrimony often includes snowflakes, shimmering silver and lots of white or blue accents (which can be beautiful!) there is just something about glitter and gold that screams elegance, warmth and celebration.  While the colors are fairly neutral, the sparkle and shine emanated will always catch your guest’s eye, and it’s so versatile!  Seen on shoes, table runners, crystal chandeliers and chargers, along with cakes, shoes and jewelry, there isn’t any surface that can’t be untouched.  Plus, the varying textures you can play with will keep everything looking fresh and interesting.  So what are you waiting for, get your glitter on!



Gold Glitter Tabletop: 100 Layer Cake  ::  Twigs and Chandelier: Style Me Pretty  ::  Gold Floral Cake: Style Me Pretty  ::  Glitter Shoes: Style Me Pretty  ::  Reception: Ruffled  ::  Glittered Menu: Style Me Pretty  ::  Golden Bride: Ruffled ::  Gold Antlers:  100 Layer Cake  ::  All-A-Glitter: Green Wedding Shoes  ::  Purse and Bracelet: Green Wedding Shoes  ::  Gold Charger: Ruffled

Just a Few Pumpkins and a Bit of Magic!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from all of us at One World Theatre Private Events!  In the spirit of the holiday, we thought we’d put together a wedding inspiration board for ya’ll that shows just how elegant elements of Fall and this festive holiday can be.  It’s not all about ghouls and witches; pumpkins decorated in lace, sprayed with gold or sparkling champagne, or just left in their untouched glory are a great way to infuse the season and a little whimsy into any wedding or event.  Decor including changing leaves, glowing amber lights, crisp apples and pears, and warm color tones elevate the aesthetic of your celebration to elegant and playful, and creates a “feast for the eyes” to any of your guests.  While Halloween is one of our favorite parts of this season, look around and see how you can use all Fall inspiration for your next soiree!

Sources: Style Me Pretty, Green Wedding Shoes, Martha Stewart Weddings, Design Sponge

Wedding Wednesdays: Fall into Apple Reds and Plummy Purples

Ahhhh…it’s that time of year again: FALL.  The leaves are turning into a kaleidoscope of colors, the air has a crisp chill to it, and there is even a physical change in mindset where all we want to do is stay in and bake a warm apple pie.  This time of year is also great to provide a backdrop to some gorgeous Autumn weddings.  Combining elements such as turning leaves, apples, hot chocolate and a color palette of deep reds and plums, the bride and groom can create a warm and cozy atmosphere for their guests and evoke a real sense of home in their event.  Even if it’s not cold (like right here in Austin!) during the Fall months, this is both a very seasonal and elegant backdrop for any festivity.  Look around, and you’ll see why many people say Autumn is their favorite time of year!

Sources:  Autumn Leaf Sendoff: Ruffled  ::  Tablescape: Green Wedding Shoes  ::  Autumn Leaf Crown: Green Wedding Shoes  ::  Apple Bouquet: Style Me Pretty  ::  Table Numbers: Style Me Pretty  ::  Sticks on Apples:  Style Me Pretty  ::  Wedding Couple:  Style Me Pretty  ::  Autumn Leaf Invitations:  Green Wedding Shoes  ::  Plum Cocktail: 100 Layer Cake  ::  Bouquet: Green Wedding Shoes :: Berry Cake: Ruffled  ::

A Twist On the Centerpiece

Centerpieces are truly an item that can make or break the visual drama of a wedding or other grand event.  It’s the artful addition that takes any table from plain to glam, magical or even dreamy.  It heightens any party, and also is a great way for the bride and groom or hosts to inject their personality into any soiree.

That being said, we decided to feature the more unusual and unexpected, and we didn’t need to look any further than our favorite indie wedding website, Green Wedding Shoes.  Flowers are always gorgeous and classic, but why not infuse a bit of a Southern feel (we are in Texas after all!) by incorporating animal skulls, bones and succulent natives.  For those looking for a more rustic/vintage feel to their wedding, fabric flowers, colored glass bottles and even a little moss or greenery can banish any cliches.  And for the modern bride, incorporating bright colors, unusual elements like glass boxes or even origami will add a pop to every table and have guests talking even after the event is over.

While it’s great to stick with the classics, it’s also fun to shake things up a bit- use your imagination and you never know what you might come up with!

Green Wedding Shoes Sources:  Centerpiece 1  ::  Centerpiece 2  ::  Centerpiece 3  :: Centerpiece 4  ::  Centerpiece 5  ::  Centerpiece 6  ::

Wedding Wednesdays: A Little Mint

Who doesn’t need a little mint in their life?  Taking on variations of shades such as pale mint, sage, minty aquamarine and translucent frost, it’s a gorgeous color any way you look at it. Mint can be one of the most delightful accents for any wedding; it’s light enough that it doesn’t seem out of place or trying too hard, yet rich enough that it provides the perfect pop of color for both atmosphere and pictures.  Especially when paired with the soft pink of a wildflower, sparkling gold of a place setting or champagne-colored fizz of a specialty cocktail, the color adds such a sweet and retro glam look to any fabulous fete.  These days, mint is trending a lot in decor such as glass bottles and succulents; however, any way you look at it, it’s a great color to incorporate into everything from flowers to invitations, and all those in between. So take a little mint for the road!

Bridesmaid: Green Wedding Shoes  ::  Mint Invitations: 100 Layer Cake  ::  Ceremony Chair: Style Me Pretty  ::  Tablescape: 100 Layer Cake  ::  “Just Married”: Style Me Pretty  ::  Glass Bottles + The Beach: Green Wedding Shoes  ::  Wedding Cake: Green Wedding Shoes  :: Typewriter: Style Me Pretty  ::  Candy Bar: Style Me Pretty  ::  Cocktails: Ruffled  ::  Mint + Pink Reception Table: Style Me Pretty  ::

A Wedding Full of Laughs…

A giggling bride, a colorful wedding and a whole lotta fun made the day for Jody and Matt’s special (and hysterical!) wedding captured by the talented Diana M. Lott.  Amid the wash of cobalt blue and bright orange, the bride and groom’s personality really came out for this day. This non-traditional couple kept the laughs going with officiant “Gunnar” starting the ceremony off right, and continuing all the way to their cake, which had the topper featuring a bride and groom high-fiving.  It was a beautiful and very vibrant wedding, and we have no doubt this dynamic duo will spend the rest of their lives laughing together!

Wedding Wednesdays: The Classic Black and White Combo

When in doubt, go classic.  And nothing could be more classic than the perfect pairing of the creamy and effervescent white combined with the crisp, dark and elegant black.  For the last century, these colors have stood as the neutral backdrop for bright bolds, pastels and other naturals, but combined together suddenly exude an air of elegance and pure chic.  For the more formal bride, there is a throwback to old Hollywood glamour and a timeless look via Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  However, with some brides looking for more of a vintage and eclectic aesthetic that is trending these days, the b + w combo plays well in forms of typography, the antique circus theme, and quirky patterns that add a different feel to any event!  Any way you see it, this is a beautiful color theme that will have your wedding pictures and memories endure through the ages.

Black Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Style Me Pretty  ::  Invitations: Style Me Pretty  ::  Geometric Tablescape: Martha Stewart Weddings  ::  Table with Runner: Green Wedding Shoes  :: Typography Pillows: Martha Stewart Weddings  ::  Floral Cake: Style Me Pretty  ::  Black and White Tent: Green Wedding Shoes  ::  Table Setting:  Green Wedding Shoes  ::  Bouquet:  Martha Stewart Weddings  ::  Bride & Groom: Style Me Pretty  ::

A Little Imbibement…

Living in Austin, Texas, I think we all know how important a little refreshment can be, especially in the brutally hot months where an egg can fry faster on a sidewalk that it can on the stove! When it comes to weddings, this is even more vital to ensure that guests remain happy.  But how about stepping out of the “libation box” and thinking beyond just water, tea and a full bar? These days, brides, grooms and planners are concocting wildly inventive and decorative drinks that are both pleasing to the eye and the taste buds.

For the illegals and those not wanting any alcohol, lemonade is becoming more dressed up than ever- infused with herbs and spices, swimming with slices of fruit and even combined with flavored ice cubes, this isn’t your momma’s citrus powdered drink!  How about some lavender, strawberry-basil or blackberry lemonade?

Many are looking for a twist on old favorites; there are endless recipes out there that add a little kick to any tired drink, and may even be a conversation piece at your next event…try the Mexican Sangria or Cider Rum Punch.

One of the biggest trends we are seeing out there today is the bride and groom specialty cocktails. This is a great way to not only present a distinctive cocktail, but to also infuse more of your personality into the event.

For any wedding, social event or corporate party, spending a little more time creating the drink menu can add a lot.  Guests will be intrigued by the unique concoctions, and it will overall lend itself to a more beautiful and cohesive theme.  What will you be drinking at your next celebration?