Wedding Wednesdays: The Classic Black and White Combo

When in doubt, go classic.  And nothing could be more classic than the perfect pairing of the creamy and effervescent white combined with the crisp, dark and elegant black.  For the last century, these colors have stood as the neutral backdrop for bright bolds, pastels and other naturals, but combined together suddenly exude an air of elegance and pure chic.  For the more formal bride, there is a throwback to old Hollywood glamour and a timeless look via Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  However, with some brides looking for more of a vintage and eclectic aesthetic that is trending these days, the b + w combo plays well in forms of typography, the antique circus theme, and quirky patterns that add a different feel to any event!  Any way you see it, this is a beautiful color theme that will have your wedding pictures and memories endure through the ages.

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A Little Imbibement…

Living in Austin, Texas, I think we all know how important a little refreshment can be, especially in the brutally hot months where an egg can fry faster on a sidewalk that it can on the stove! When it comes to weddings, this is even more vital to ensure that guests remain happy.  But how about stepping out of the “libation box” and thinking beyond just water, tea and a full bar? These days, brides, grooms and planners are concocting wildly inventive and decorative drinks that are both pleasing to the eye and the taste buds.

For the illegals and those not wanting any alcohol, lemonade is becoming more dressed up than ever- infused with herbs and spices, swimming with slices of fruit and even combined with flavored ice cubes, this isn’t your momma’s citrus powdered drink!  How about some lavender, strawberry-basil or blackberry lemonade?

Many are looking for a twist on old favorites; there are endless recipes out there that add a little kick to any tired drink, and may even be a conversation piece at your next event…try the Mexican Sangria or Cider Rum Punch.

One of the biggest trends we are seeing out there today is the bride and groom specialty cocktails. This is a great way to not only present a distinctive cocktail, but to also infuse more of your personality into the event.

For any wedding, social event or corporate party, spending a little more time creating the drink menu can add a lot.  Guests will be intrigued by the unique concoctions, and it will overall lend itself to a more beautiful and cohesive theme.  What will you be drinking at your next celebration?

Wedding Wednesday: Pinks & Reds, Oh My!

Throw away your old notions of what a pink and red combination looks like- it’s 2012 and there is a new modern take on this classic color duo!  Gone are the days of sweet princess decor that reminds everyone a little too much of Valentine’s Day, and in its place are vibrant lipstick reds, dusky pinks, bright corals and luscious magentas that invoke a true sophistication for a bold bride who isn’t afraid to use color.  Combined with blues, oranges and golds, displayed in ombre presentations, and showing up in textures of lace, crepe paper and draping fabrics, pictures from the day-of are dripping in beautiful details and visual interest that neutrals just can’t always evoke. For something adventurous and fresh, consider this color theme for your impending nuptials…

Bride & Groom, Red Balloons: Style Me Pretty  ::  Red Lace Bridesmaids: Cory Ryan Photography  ::  His & Her Specialty Cocktails: Style Me Pretty  ::  Paper Lanterns: Green Wedding Shoes  ::  Couple with Paper Lanterns: Green Wedding Shoes  ::  Red & Pink Tabletop Decor: The Knot  ::  Ombre Cork Heart:  Green Wedding Shoes  ::  Pink & Red Bouquet: Style Me Pretty ::  Ceremony Setup: The Knot  ::  Throwing Petals: Style Me Pretty  :: Ombre Cakes: Style Me Pretty

A New Twist to the Lantern…

Over here at One World, we are always looking for new twists on the traditional or trending wedding decor.  While scanning through one of our favorite wedding blogs, Green Wedding Shoes, we stumbled upon this great way to use lanterns.  A mixture of bright colors and shapes ranging from big to small, who knew that lanterns could look so good ON THE GROUND??!! Both playful and elegant at the same time, this unique placement of them is an easy and inexpensive way to add intrigue and a little whimsy to any wedding fete.

Also, for anyone looking for a fresh take on hung lanterns, look no further than the ombre installation of them.  It creates much greater drama and a beautiful aesthetic that will catch any guest’s eye!

Source: Lanterns, Green Wedding Shoes

A Vintage-Themed Wedding Bash at One World!

From lace and silk flowers, to a glam crystal chandelier and elegant appetizers to match, this was one beautiful bash!  Photographed by Diana M. Lott, Ashley and Paul couldn’t have been more stunning.  With the idea of a vintage 1920’s theme, the couple played the part in a dashing suit and dress to match, dancing among the gold and crystal entrenched tent under the stars. See below for the WOW factor, all played up at our venue…

One World Theatre Featured on Style Me Pretty!

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One World Theatre is honored to be featured in Style Me Pretty this month.  This gorgeous wedding, captured by Austin extraordinaire photographer Cory Ryan, is wedding fabulousness at its finest!  A kaleidoscope of colors, stunning flower arrangements, a delicious dessert bar and even a blush wedding dress made these nuptials unique and a dream for photographs.  We hope you enjoy these photos as much as we enjoyed being a part of this amazing day!

Wedding Wednesday: Blush, Gold & Neutrals

Blushing pinks, sparkling golds and creamy whites-oh my!  While it’s always fun to have a colorful wedding here at One World Theatre, there is definitely something to be said about the classic combination of neutral colors.   Whether it’s a soft pink bridesmaid or wedding dress, a gold tiered cake and decor, or even the glowing ambience of amber lighting, there is something so warm and inviting about these colors, creating excitement and beautiful inspiration again and again.  Have a look at these images to further spark your own wedding day ideas…

Picture Sources, Clockwise:

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We don’t know about you, but there aren’t many things in life more magical than fireworks.  The artful display of colors, the thunderous crack when they explode into the atmosphere, the way the falling light drizzles down the night sky.  To combine this with your day is definitely over the top, but we couldn’t help ourselves by posting this gorgeous picture!  If any of you have the chance, we say go for it…it is your wedding day after all!

For additional moments like this, plus so much more, feel free to visit our Pinterest site for further inspiration and fun!

Photo Source:  Style Me Pretty

Wedding Wednesday: Green & Purple Palette

While One World Theatre sees almost every color under the sun for events at our venue, one of our favorite combinations are purple and green.  With our lush landscaping surrounding the entire property, punctuated by colorful stained concrete and stone walls, these hues blend perfectly with their surroundings, yet stand out on their own.  From bridal bouquets and mismatched bridesmaid gowns, to cakes with succulents and everything in between, we hope this provides a little inspiration for all those in betrothed bliss and beyond…

Picture Sources, Clockwise:

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Austin Chamber Music Center Gala

Wine tastings, art auctions, and a little music mixed into the night, all part of the 2012 Austin Chamber Music Center Gala held here at One World Theatre.  With patrons lining out the door to get in, this was one bustling event!  Guests were able to enjoy a custom cocktail created by the bar staff at One World, along with wines from across the country, local Austin art for sale and great conversation.  The succulent food was prepared by catering company Word of Mouth, and dinner was enjoyed outside among the setting sun and the hills of Westlake. The night ended with a performance in the theatre by the company’s director, Michelle Shuman,  and was one of ACMC’s most successful events yet!  Take a look below to see more photos of the event, captured by One World Theatre’s own Sophie Pearson

Venue: One World Theatre  ::  Catering: Word of Mouth  ::